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March 21, 2015

   Did you forget to celebrate Pi Day?  It just passed us by on March14.  Pi Day was celebrated in many cities with 3.14 - mile races and pie-eating contests.

Pi, for those who don't remember their school math, is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.  For Pi Day fans, the date was a once-in-a-century event because the last two digits of the year identify the next two parts of this infinite number  Add in the hour, minutes and seconds and you have an even longer start:  3.141592653.

Math whizzes are the ones behind the realistic digital effects in a Hollywood movie (created with tiny triangles and


   As a Registered Investment Advisor, Just Plans Etc. has a fiduciary duty to each and every client of the firm.  The policy of Just Plans Etc. is to protect the interests of each of the firm's clients and to place the client's interests first and foremost in every situation.
   The firm's fiduciary duty includes providing full and fair disclosure of all relevant facts and any potential or actual conflicts of interest, a duty of loyalty and good faith, providing recommendations that are suitable, and seeking best execution of all client transactions.

    for those in mathematical science jobs was $76,270 in 2012, more than double the median wage of $34,750 for all occupations.

Math-related jobs include computer programmers, quantitative analysts in finance, statisticians, education, banking ,technology, even professional sports.  Math teaches people a clear way of thinking, the ability to see patterns and see the gist of a problem.


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mathematical equations) as well as the encryption for safe online ordering (using math that dates back to the 17th century) and making sense of reams of data generated in business.

And math is where the jobs are.  The Labor Department estimates that mathematical science jobs will increase  26% from 2012 to 2022, more than double the 11% growth for all occupations.  The median annual wages


Where some math jobs are:

Jobs Median Wage
Employment 2012
Projected Growth
Mathematicians $101,360 3,500 23%
Actuaries $93,680 24,300 26%
Computer System
$79,680 520,600 25%
Financial Analysts $76,950 253,000 16%
Statisticians $75,560 27,600 27%
Survey Researchers $45,050 18,000 18%
All Occupations   34,750 1%

Source:  Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

SilviaAscarelli, Sneior News Editor MarketWatch

Why Use An Advisor?

   People use financial planners because they don't have the time, interest, or ability to create a plan by themselves, or they do have the time and ability and want a second opinion.

   Clients of Just Plans are mostly of the first group, and are generally overwhelmed by the multitude of options with which they are confronted.  The #1 item most are concerned with is having an adequate retirement income.  Number two is funding their children's college costs.  While college costs can be paid from current income or monies accumulated beforehand, retirement income can only be provided by setting money aside ahead of time and investing it wisely.

   Our business is built on relationships.  We work with you to identify and quantify your objectives.  The first step involves gathering personal and financial information.  Goals are established and constraints identified.  Relationships prosper when expectations are realistic. Investments are based on what is needed to reach your goals, taking into consideration your ability to tolerate market volatility.

   When you choose to have us manage your investments, the accounts are 100% discretionary. We allocate portfolio assets to CDs, Treasuries, separate accounts, exchange traded and traditional mutual funds and individual stocks. Depending on the size of the account, up to 60% may be allocated to core holdings, with the balance allocated to industry specific or asset class specific positions. Monthly statements are provided by the custodian. Just Plans provides quarterly performance reports and we are available for personal reviews.


    In 1982 Just Plans was formed to provide investment products for retirement plans, and to provide financial counseling to business owners and retirement plan participants. The predecessor insurance firm (started in 1967) designed and implemented retirement plans for closely held businesses. It provided estate-planning strategies for the business owners, their key people, and other individuals.

   Just Plans refers to its services as "ABEL Strategy." Conceived in 1991, the concept was initially a non-discretionary investment account using no load mutual funds held at Charles Schwab & Co. A 1% fee was charged. The program is now 100% discretionary, using CDs, Treasuries, exchange traded and traditional mutual funds and individual stocks, with accounts at Schwab or TD Ameritrade.

   We can be a resource for any situation that has to do with finances. For services in which we do not specialize, we refer our clients to many other partner professionals and firms with whom we network.

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